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" The computer can be our virtual assistant while we design. It can suggest, warn, and learn. "



A service of adding a Plugin that takes control over existing design scripts using human speech. Ava is meant to help clients reviewing, changing, and editing their designs using their speech commands. The service is made for design firms that seek better communication and higher efficiencies with clients. AVA is also artificially intelligent which gives her capabilities of giving design suggestions and warnings. It is a tailor-made service that varies from a design and another, and It is customized based on the client's needs

" Why don't we communicate with the computer verbally to create our designs? "



SAM is a modeling plugin that creates geometries from scratch using human speech. It works with Grasshopper 3D and It was created using C# language. It utilizes a voice recognition engine that listens to human speech commands and translates it to geometries ad designs. The plugin allows people to design from scratch using simple voice commands such as (Draw, divide, extrude, circle, rectangle, etc..). The commands vary between primitive geometries and design operations. Geometries include drawing a circle, curve, rectangle, box, etc. Design operations include movement, rotation, extrusion, etc.

Project details:
Computational Design Lab - Master of  Science in Architecture
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
Professor Alphonso Peluso
Individual project 
Year: 2020

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